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Summit's Fasting Challenge

Sunday during the sermon, we went through passages in both the New and Old Testaments where we are commanded to fast.  Wait - don't go! It doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up eating and drinking for days at a time. I want to challenge each of us to fast for a meal or give something up for the next few weeks as we prepare for Easter.

As promised, here are the prayers to help you navigate through your fast.

First Fasting Prayer

Honor Yahweh for who He is. Read and meditate through Isaiah 40:21-26.

(Remember to be joyful in your fasting!)

Second fasting prayer

Ask Yahweh to bless our Easter celebrations & services.


  • Thursday’s Seder Meal will be a time to bring people to Jesus with a deepened understanding

  • That He will bring hope in the darkness on Good Friday

  • That He will show up in a new way on Easter

Third Fasting Prayer

Pray for something new personally in your life - Something fresh and deep within your soul that you haven’t asked for before.

Terry's Prayer for us

My prayer for each of you will be to find confidence, trust, peace, and hope in HIM!

I hope you find joy in this time of dedicated prayer and meditation.

I am looking forward to celebrating the resurrection with each of you.

The Lord's,

Pastor Terry

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